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*Home= another word for house, apartment, single level living or living space.

“Welcome, come on in” 

“I will take your _____.”

“Place your ____ over there.”

These are just a few examples of phrases we say as people enter our *homes. Upon entering any one person’s private space we are instantly greeted with emotion within ourselves.  We hope that emotion is the feeling of happiness or excitement to be in your presence. 

If you want to bring positive emotions within your guest’s arrival it’s very important to create a welcoming and organized entryway; no matter how big or small the space.  

When thinking about entryways that feel inviting think first about: lighting or color.  If you do not have a window you will want to make sure your space is bright and your wall color is light.  If you can add a lamp to brighten your entry, or a little table to place pictures/decor, will all help to boost your welcoming feeling.  You want a warm and inviting appearance.

If you read our first blog post, you will remember our phrase: “everything has a home.” We will carry this phrase with us in every blog post because it plays an important role in organization.  For your friends/family to really feel excited, make sure to have a designated spot for coats, purses, keys, shoes, etc. Simple items such as a coat rack, a hook or two, will demonstrate the expectation and role your guests will abide. Instantly that person knows exactly where their belongings “belong.” 

 Attached garages are another entryway, gaining more traffic than a front door.  This entry is my favorite space to organize, you can be as creative as you see fit.  Just remember our main goal: “everything has a home.” Shoes, backpacks, work bags, mail, school papers, jackets, snow gear, even summer gear needs a designated spot.  Here are our favorite items and examples of how we organize this entry space.  


-If you live in a seasonal state- place your Fall/Winter items in a labeled bin with a cover, and store in your garage on a rack or in storage space.  

-Bring your Spring/Summer gear to your entry/closet where you can organize these items in bins, baskets, racks, cubbies, and so on.  

-With each changing season take your items out that are no longer needed and store away and bring forth the new seasonal items to assign a designated spot.

-When you bring out your seasonal bin this is a great time to peruse for any old, damaged or out-grown items.  I LOVE to take these items, sell them and in return use that money to buy newly fitted items. Such as: winter boots, snow pants, swim goggles, expired sunscreen and so on.

Why Organize?

What makes a house/apartment a home? Is it the people inside it? The pictures of memories hanging on your walls? The passed down piece of furniture or artwork? Maybe it is all of the above and more to you, it truly is an individual response.

Any living arrangement becomes a home when you add the person inside. Each person, whether it is one or ten has a place in their home where they belong.  They know this spot as place to relax, unwind and even sleep.  This place is called “the bedroom”.  A bedroom doesn’t have to necessarily be a whole separate room even, some people consider their bedroom as the couch, or futon, some of us consider this place as a whole separate room in your house where you can go to think, unwind and eventually fall asleep there.  Just like your place in a home, everything you buy for your living arrangement needs a designated spot.  Or as we like to call it: A Home.

When your living arrangement becomes a home your heart is content.  Having a designated “spot” for those items brings peace within.  We created this business (or blog) to help you grow in peace and tranquility. To learn little secrets you can add to your everyday routine without thinking about them as a “to-do” list routine.  Rather, it becomes a natural part of your routine.  That happens when your home is organized and all your things have a place to call theirs, or HOME. 

It’s easy to organize your space but keeping it well put together is the real challenge! When you find a “home” for your items it’s easy to remain organized. Your space shouldn’t feel overwhelming if things go back to their spot. If you feel like there is too much stuff to organize it’s time to declutter, that will be another post.

Follow us and we will educate you on the world of organization and how to bring a breath of fresh air each day you wake just by doing these simple routines.  We will also bring you templates to download to help your brain organize and show you where we buy everything we love to organize with and how.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!